Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 9, 2011

Well, we talked yesterday, I don’t know about anything else to talk about. I hope I can think of some things.
It was a really fast week. The most progressing people are the two kids that I’ve been writing about, (Kendra and Damaris). They are really pretty much in the water, the only reason why they won’t be baptized this week is because their parents aren’t going to be here so we are going to do it the next week. They went to church with their grandma and its all working out well. You can see they are happy and wanting to do things better. They really are the ones that are chosen beforehand. The biggest question is, ¨how do I find more people like them? ¨
Angel is going a little bit more. We read Mosiah 3 with him and he really liked it. He said that it was another point for the book of Mormon. He started out super attached to his Bible and didn’t like some of the words like, ¨most perfect¨ in the introduction to the Book of Mormon. He also had a question about all the people had been baptized before when the church wasn’t restored. Basically another hurdle for why the ¨Book of Mormon isn’t true¨. We talked about the temple (which he had already seen one time) and talked about what all goes on in there. It is so nice that The Gospel all fits together smoothly because it’s the Plan!
We found a family last week and we finally got to teach them this week. We had our first two lessons and it was really cool… and long. We talked about the church and had our lesson on the restoration in total for two hours… oops. The longest a lesson should be is about 45 minutes. Oh well. We presented the Book of Mormon to them and they were pretty interested in it. I asked the son one time, ¨Why are you going to read it. ¨ He said, ¨To see if it’s true or not.¨ seems like he’s got the idea alright. We’ll see how it all goes. He’s a pretty good sized kid for Mexico so I think some time we’ll have to have a game of basketball and see how it goes.
Another guy named Fray is pretty interesting. He had a super hard question. His family isn’t very happy, his kids live in other places, and he’s separated from his wife. All his life he just wanted to have a happy family and retire with time for his kids. He thinks that there’s no way that he can achieve that dream. His question was ¨if I did all that in order to help with this goal and now it’s not achievable, why did I do it? ¨ Tough enough? Following a prompting or two, I thought about Lehi, and how even though his kids were not always the best (not counting Nephi,) he still prayed and worked hard and did everything just to help them be happy, and that is why we do it; to make each other be happy and achieve family goals. And then we talked about why the atonement is important because the Savior can help him and he can progress in life. Trying to brighten him up and think about the eternal possibilities. We were only able to visit him once because of some scheduling problems but thinking about him and trying to help him understand the role of Christ has actually helped me a lot understand the Hope in Christ aspect in life. When a basketball team doesn’t have a chance of winning, their playing gets worse and so it is for us in life. A person who is living and sin, whether they understand it or not has no hope in the future. If someone doesn’t know they are living in sin, they don’t think about tomorrow they are too caught up in what’s going on now. If they don’t think about tomorrow or next week… well I’d say eternity is out of the question. And the people who know that they are living in sin don’t have hope because they know that in the eternal scheme of things, things won’t work out. They know they won’t receive all the blessings that are laid in store. The only way that we can have hope, is through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. If we do this, we have a hope; a hope that things can and will be better.
Anyways a little bit shorter than this week. Oh yeah, after getting done talking about cockroaches last night, I came home and killed two and found one in the morning under attack from a group of ants. Well gotta run.
Elder Mackay

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