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August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011
Well another week. Seems like so much happens, but at the same time, I was just here yesterday; its pday, a long, long day, Sunday, then pday again. And I have more news, well I don’t know if its news, but my USB is full. It’s got about 500 pictures on it and I think that I’m going to need a new one. Well, I just found out I had a 1 gig file on there and I just erased it so I’ll be good for a little while. But it would be nice to have a new one if you could find one. I got a dear elder from Ross (thanks man) and Sarah (from trek). It’s good to hear from them. I realized that I don’t get mail from many people outside of family. It’s a bit different, and would be nice to have some more (hint hint=))
One of the hardest things that happened this week is that Yuri, (the investigator that was so golden and so perfect) is going to go live in Tabasco (another state outside the mission). She told us on Tuesday that there was a possibility then in the end, she left either yesterday or today (Sunday the 7th or Monday the 8th). On Saturday, we had our last lesson with favorite scriptures and all that. I talked about the 2000 stripling warriors and all that. It brought back some memories of about a year ago when I was saying goodbye to a big group of people. We finished talking about the Atonement and then just other stuff. She started crying and almost made me cry. She says that more than anything else, she wants to be baptized and wants to have an eternal family in the celestial kingdom. Just why can’t she stay here! I told her that when she finds the elders in Tabasco she needs to march up to them and say “I want to be baptized.” Happy Birthday to some obedient elders over in Tabasco.
This week was the baptism of Maria de Carmen. Everything with went along smoothly. First on Saturday we left in the morning and went to the temple to just look around. When we got there, the temple president was talking to about twelve three to seven year old kids. After, we showed her around and she said that everything even the kids were really calm. After that, we went to the distribution center behind and she bought some stuff. She’s a lot happier than when first saw us. She was really unsure of what we were up to. Now she looks for us, worries about us, thinks about questions during the week and things like that. It’s fun to see the difference in how everything has changed in her. Her baptism was in the afternoon, and it was cool. Our missionary leader believes in letting the missionaries take it easy in the baptismal services. So we didn’t have to speak or direct. At the end of her baptism, she spoke up and said she wanted to say something. She said that she was grateful for the missionaries and how patient we were with her. That she had a lot of questions, but that we answered and complained until she understood it. And that we were her guides while she made this decision to be baptized. Sounds like she understands pretty well how things work out.
Then on Sunday, we had another baptism after church. It was of Yoani and it was one of the coolest so far. It was different, because her dad got to baptize her. Not only was it making sure that she knew what to do, but also what her dad had to do. First though, was a fast and testimony meeting. It was cool to listen and I really wanted a lot of the people from their family to listen to how much the gospel helps people change their lives. Afterwards we had it and we had a good turn out. While we were waiting for them to change their clothes, we watched on the way home. It was applicable to their situation. This is one of the families that has changed 180º in their life style. They are a super happy family and love having missionaries over. In about 10 years, the older son wants to go on a mission. It`d be pretty nice.
Well, not much else crazy stuff has gone on. Just so you know I was going to write something and I started writing, but it came out in Spanish. My brain is short circuiting. That actually happens a lot now. Sometimes Elder Wynn and I (look mom, I used good grammar) will be talking, and just things change in Spanish. Or sometimes we have something to say but we can’t remember how to say it in English so it comes out in Spanish. Sometimes we convert Spanish words into more or less an English modification. I'm going to come home speaking way weird, and I haven’t even been with many Spanish companions!
Well, the thought for the week came to me in sacrament meeting when Maria de Carmen got to partake of the Sacrament. It hit me that that is what we do as missionaries. Many years ago, about two thousand more or less, a man suffered in Gethsemane and died on Calvary. Rising victoriously as a resurrected being on the third day (Sunday) was the crowning event making the Atonement of Jesus Christ complete. This is the biggest, most important act that has even happened, or will ever happen, because it has eternal affects for everyone. Everyone, through the resurrection, will receive something from the Atonement. But a missionary who has been set apart can be a guide, along the path. He holds a beacon to the nations saying that there has been an eternal atonement made, that they can be cleansed of their sins. And that the priesthood authority to partake of said sacrifice has been restored to the earth. He instructs how to be peaceful with life while we are here on the earth, and how to prepare for the life to come. He helps people be happier, “by helping them receive the Restored Gospel.” And he and his companion are the only ones in a certain area who are called and are able to do it. To the audience that receives this letter, if I could have you do one thing, it would be to pray; to pray to know how to apply the atonement better in you life. All of us are in this path, some farther along than others. This is the time to start again. This is the day for men to prepare to meet their God. This time here on earth is so short in perspective of the eternal consequences of our decisions. We need to remember, where we want to go, and why we do the things the way we do them.
Have a great week everyone. Love you all
Elder Mackay
Ps The picture is from Leanor last week. I think I’ve caught up on pictures finally.
More pictures - these are some baptisms from this week. The first lady is Maria de Carmen with my companion (he baptized her). After it's me, her and my companion and her daughter. After its just her and her daughter. After are some pictures of the other baptism. The dad baptized the 9 year old daughter. First is immediate family. Second is with the missionaries. Third is with the extend family

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