Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Well who would have known that this point would get here so fast! It’s really crazy how fast the week goes. And this week, has been a little bit crazier than normal. First thing is that we have been blessed with help. Two returned sisters have given us three references this week. One is a girl who we ate with the week before (she is a cousin of one of the returned sisters.) We talked with her through lunch and then last Sunday, her mom asked if we could give her daughter the lessons. We scheduled an appointment for Wednesday. When we got there, the returned sister also invited another teenage cousin to come listen to the lessons. They both accepted baptismal dates. More people who were just going to church but just didn’t get baptized. The fifteen year old Guadalupe is still going strong. One day this week we are going to go visit her friend and family. Her friend came to a ward activity this week. Guadalupe is going to invite them to her baptism. Its going to be super sweet if it all works out (hopefully it does). Also the other returned sister is bringing her neighbor to church. He is eight years old. He wants to be baptized too! Also this week we contacted a reference in Telchaquillo that I think will progress. He says that he wants to change and that he has tried, but he doesn’t have any friends to help him. He’s stopped drinking before, but after about two months started drinking again through his friends. He said that sometimes he can’t sleep at night for what his life is like.. He also wants to set a good example for his kids. It’s pretty nice to find someone who wants to change. He is a pretty faithful guy and he saw another guy (who now is member) change a lot. He wants there to be something that helps him change. This got me going on what it is that make a person start to listen. First is the desire, then the exercising of a particle of faith, how these young kids are teaching me something different and I’m going to try it. Hopefully by the end he gets the changes in his life that he wants. He looks really promising. That’s not so good about Bill. I hope he gets going better. Tell him that he’s got to hang on. Its not the end. Also a thing that’s starting to change is the weather here. Its getting hotter. Like really hot (yes mom I’m drinking lots of water). I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much on an average daily basis. Its really getting hot though. Conference was good! I didn’t get to watch all the sessions, I missed one. But from what I saw it was really good. It’s in Spanish here, but with English captions. I don’t get why they have English captions but its nice. I’ve gone through half my conferences away from home, now I just got to watch two more and I’ll almost be home. I did think about you guys at home watching. We are really blessed back home. Some people had to go on a bus for about an hour and then walk a bit. We can wake up and watch it in our PJ´s. It’s really interesting how all that works. One of the really good talks that I liked was about the difference in to be, and to do. Its interesting that its not the things that we have done once make us who we are, its our talents and habits that make us who we are. Well, gotta run. Things are great and really hot here. Ill come home with some nice lines. Thanks for your prayers, and know that I pray for you too. Con amor, Elder Mackay

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