Monday, April 4, 2011

March 28, 2011

So can’t believe it but its Monday again. This week I'll complete SEVEN months in the mission. Next mile stone is eight months which is a third of my mission. Its going by way too fast and I can’t believe that I only got seventeen more months. I know that seems like a weird phrase but really I had like two weeks in the MTC and about a month in the field. Or so it seems. This past week I completed four months in Kanasin. Who knew time could fly by so fast! Just a few statistics for all of you. This week was capacitation. It was really cool. It was two days and by the end I was tired of sitting down. All the days we did practices and it was really neat some of them. Even though they weren’t real investigators, it was about feeling the spirit and learning to go with what it’s telling you. Its also kind of cool to see some of the elders that I've done splits with that are really young in the mission grow too. We’re getting better and better. To help demonstrate some of the ideas, we watched some of the movies from The District. The District is the set of movies that I watched before I left for the MTC. It made me remember how pumped I was to serve and some of the memories. As far as investigators, we still really are holding on to Guadalupe. Saturday we had a little testimony meeting. First I bore mine, then my companion, then her. I said, “now you told us that you had an experience, what was it that made you feel that the book of Mormon is true?” She bore her testimony and said that she knew that the church is true. We had a nice little chat and she is super pumped for her baptism. This week also we went to Telchaquillo. Nobody we had planned to teach was ready. We even went to a guy’s house and said that he was tired and that he didn’t sleep all day. He works in the nights and said he needed to sleep some more. We chit chatted with his family outside while we waited for our ride to come pick us up. It was really nice to talk with them though. Hopefully if we can gain the trust of his family members he’ll open up a little bit. A few miracles that could be pretty big. One is that we ate lunch in a part that we haven’t really ever been to. The family who gave us lunch just had a daughter come home from her mission. We thought all of them were members but the mom of the family came up to us and said, “can you guys give the lessons to my daughter?” ah shucks do we have to? :) Another is that our leader in Telchaquill stopped by the church afterwards. I asked him how everything was over there. He said that he’s got a friend that really wants to listen to us. Some of the people there are kind of wishy-washy and say that they’ll listen because its, “The word of God.” They hear it, but they don’t listen to it. He could be a really good prospect. And another member said we could come to his house and teach his wife. He’s a member and was going to serve a mission. The only problem was that he had to get married because of other things. Can’t really be a full time missionary if you’ve got a wife at that age? Oh well. We gave some service this week. One is that I'm helping a less active kid understand his math homework. He really tries hard, but just doesn’t click all the way sometimes. He didn’t have a mom or dad to check his answers or give him math problems to do during sacrament meeting. Also we visited an old investigator and moved a couple or rocks for her the next week. By a few I mean about 50. We got sandwiches afterwards though so that was nice. The only problem is she is still living with her boyfriend and doesn’t want to get married to him and can’t kick him out. Shoot darn I guess. Well lots of hopes for a good week this week. Hope that all is well from you back home. If you’re wondering for things to put in a package still mom, an elder here taught me to do a rubix cube. It’s nice to let off some steam in the nights when 4 appointments fall through and it’s been a rough day. If there’s anything else let me know. Congrats on the baptisms of Weston and Ashlynn. I think I already said that for Ashlynn but if not I'll say it now. You guys are taking big steps in your lives and in the right directions. Carry on Carry on CARRY ON! Elder Mackay P.S. Anyone excited for general conference?

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