Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Well another week! It’s been really hectic but can’t complain because there has been success too. This week on Sunday we had the baptism of the two kids from Telchaquillo and this week we had two baptisms on Wednesday. The baptismal service was supposed to start at four but we didn’t start until 5. Oh well.
At the beginning of the week we found a guy while we were tracting. His wife had died a month ago and he was home alone. He’s really humble in his house. He doesn’t have any chairs. One of the crazy things about this guy is that his hands are huge! Especially for a Mexican they normally have smaller hands especially if they are from Mayan descendants. But when we got in his house we taught the Plan of Salvation and he said that that was more or less what he already believed. However, his wife when she was in her last few months said to him that he should find a religion and take care of their daughter. When invited him to be baptized, he accepted and we helped him to understand that in order to be married and live in the celestial kingdom, he has to be baptized first. It was the first step. He’s a pretty cool guy. He really misses company.
Another person that’s really progressing is the daughter of Maria. Her name is Guadalupe. Last week I wrote about her success story and how she is already starting her testimony. She is in First Nephi chapter 10 or so. Also she went to church. So she’s really progressing. A few more weeks and she’ll be baptized (April 9th). Basically anything that we teach her she keeps eating it up. Also when we read and explained First Nephi 8 and the tree of life with her, she said that she had a friend that she talks with at school that she might be able to talk into coming to a lesson. Who knows how many people will be blessed because of one door knocked. The problem is that you just got to know which ones to knock. And if you don’t you gotta knock all of them.
Also (the area where we are working in is more of a humble area). We found a 12 year old kid who had been baptized about six months ago. The coolest thing with him is that he is a good kid on his own. Normally if you leave the kids to be their own boss here, they do what they want. His mom works a lot. She leaves at 7 in the morning and gets back at about 10 (or so she says). We are going to have another lesson on Saturday with her and a neighbor. Things are going great. Sometimes the people in the mission give me a rough time but that’s the fault of the people not the mission.
Oh yeah, we changed bishopric here too. So we got to get them use to what we do. The old first councilor is now the bishop, the elder’s quorum president is now the first councilor and the second councilor was a high councilor. It should be a pretty good bishopric.
Well don’t have a whole lot to say this week. My companion and I get along good. Even though we are from totally different places we still have the same goal. And that is to build The Kingdom here on the earth. It’s been a pretty crazy week but its all going by way too fast. I can’t believe its pday again. I hope that all is well and that you all are doing well. I wouldn’t know from some of you because I haven’t heard in a while “HINT, HINT”. Love you all, take care and do what is right
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay
Just from the baptism of Maria de Jesus and her daughter Aurora. Oh yeah, the third one, can you tell which one is the white boy?

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