Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011
“And Elder Brixey waxed old and age. The time came when his mother earth called him back.” And that's how he died. Elder Brixey has gone to his house! Well, not officially he is staying in Mexico for a week with his parents, but he’s not my companion anymore. (Sorry I can’t upload photos in this cyber). Now I'm with a new elder. His name is Elder Alfaro. He is from Lima, Peru! How cool is that! Where is Jared serving at right now? The interesting thing in communicating all that is going to happen. He not only uses pure Spanish, but because he is from Peru it has a few different words too. Kinda like the Texas y´all thing. Another funny thing is that he has one more change than me! We are super young. If you add our times together, it’s still less than a year and a half. Well what a time to grow eh? Hope I don’t go nuts with all the Spanish and everything.
Any way that's the big news. The second biggest news is that we had another baptism before Elder Brixey left! His name is Juan (did I mention him last week? I don’t remember.) Anyways, he lives right by us and is way cool guy. When we introduce the Book of Mormon, we have a little paper that has a whole lot of questions that the Book of Mormon answers. He picked, ¨What does Jesus Christ expect of me?¨ In the end after reading 2nd Nephi 9, Juan´s conclusion was, “that I repent and that I be baptized.” Sounded good to us! Also it helped that his wife is an inactive member, but still has a strong testimony and can explain a lot to him. I’ll get pictures next week or so.
Also we finally moved houses! Its a lot nicer feeling in this house. We got to help paint it too! It was quite different. The only problem is getting everything out of the other house to this house. This week was super long it seemed like but there’s not a whole lot to write. Oh yeah! So in our little pueblo Telchaquillo a really cool thing happened. We are always in contact with them and the group leader Ceasar called us and said that he had a kid there who wanted to be baptized! AND his little brother turned eight this week! We went there and this coming Sunday (the thirteenth,) we are going to baptize them! I thought these kids already were members. They already have a lot of times in church. When we asked them why they wanted to be baptized the older one said, “For a remission of my sins and to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.” (he’s twelve by the way). His younger brother, the one who just turned eight said, “because I want to follow Jesus”. Sounds good enough for me! They are really excited. The problem with this week is how do I train a guy in my area that speaks another language and how are we going to make it on so little time? We’ll make it. It’ll just be different. I know that you’re all praying for me but don’t worry too much. Know that I think of you all and that I hope you’re all well. Don’t forget that as a child of God, we are entitled to all the help we will need.
Con amor
Elder Mackay
P.S. if you search Mi Bodega Kanasin Mexico you will be really close the church here. It’s between the streets 23 and twenty five and it’s on the left side of street 28 (they don’t really give directions the same way here) anyway that’s how you can see our chapel! Gotta run!

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