Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1 2011

Well… I was rather heart broken when I checked email last week and there wasn’t anything there = ( but I figured you didn’t do it on purpose. Also this week I couldn’t write yesterday so I had to do it today. Things pushed us around this time instead of us pushing them around.
This week has been a little bit duller. We did divisions twice this week and it was pretty interesting to gel with some new guys for a couple days. The coolest thing about the missionary work is that you’re a huge team all working for the same cause. Very rarely will you ever find some many young men dedicated to the same cause. Every one has their own same quirks.
In the city of Kanasin, there is some good news! WE ARE FINALLY CHANGING HOUSES! We are going to rent from a part member family (well the dad is the only one that isn’t and we can’t figure out why. He is a super good guy and really treats us well). Anyway, we needed to help them renovate the house so we did some painting and such. It brought back some old memories and such of how things were when we first moved into the new house. I enclosed some photos of us painting.
As far as cool moments go, we have a few newer investigators. One is a new lady that is living with an inactive member (not married; I don’t know what the deal is but they don’t seem to think it’s that necessary to get married.) The worse part is that the member is married and sealed to another lady. They are separated, but not divorced or anything like that. She really is pretty cool though. She told us all of this openly in our first visit (which if it were me it would take me a lot longer than one visit). Also she has plans to get baptized on her birthday. Also it’s getting more and more clear that it’s the simple things that get missionary work done. You talked about how a Columbian missionary talked a lot about how the members help. Here in Kanasin it’s a bit of a struggle. Well let me put it this way and you can probably figure it out for your self. The normal attendance is about 100. The people on the roll are about 750. Also they don’t do their visiting or home teaching. We have a few problems. If anyone has any ideas, they are most definitely accepted. Also the bishop’s wife has left, isn’t going to church and is living with her Catholic parents. So it’s a little rough here, but you guys back home don’t have any excuse
As a little spiritual side note type of a deal I figured out something kind of interesting. We all are different. And thank goodness that we are different or this would be a very boring life. However with all of our talents and strengths gathered up it can be enough to overcome trials, but every single one of us need one crucial ingredient, The Atonement. Of all the diversity of all the things that make us different, there is one solution for us all and that is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. ONLY through this can we be forgiven of sins. Only through this can we have true happiness in this live. Only through this can we be exalted and lifted up. Just the brain of Elder Mackay giving a little spin on things. Hope it’s not too crazy.

Well gotta run. Hope you know that I all love you and want to hear from all of you. In case you don’t remember or I didn’t tell you, Dear Elder Still works!
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay

The bunch of guys all smiling and laughing at the end (2) is my district. We really have a good laugh together after the district.
Painting our new house

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