Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

                                                                                    January 23, 2012
Well, things are going pretty well. It’s crazy how fast time goes. In a little over a week it’ll be 17 months! I can’t believe how it is going. I still feel like I got six months and I’m getting a hold on things. Things just keep going so fast.
This week the biggest thing was the baptism of Ailet. It was good and everything went well. This week was some finishing up things and everything went well. A little bit different schedule for pday so I forgot my camera to send pictures. But anyway my companion ended up baptizing her and it all went more or less according to plan. Here everything starts late but this one only started a little bit late. She’s going to be a sweet person to see 20 years down the road. She is going to be the only member in her family but her mom is going to come in a few weeks and she wants us to talk with her when she comes.
Another cool person that has been progressing this week is Elba. She is going well. She is having a tough time believing in the restoration but hasn’t read much in the Book of Mormon and says that she didn’t feel much in the lessons (in terms of the spirit). It hurt every time she denied feeling the spirit. We asked and she wanted to learn about faith so we read Alma 32. It was a great lesson. Thanks to our “third companion” she analyzed a lot and put herself in the story. There is a part that says “a person that says send me a sign and then I’ll believe doesn’t have faith. It talks about how first a person needs to believe and then exercise their faith then they would know.” She said, “Hey that’s me with your church!” in the end it was a great lesson, (and she gave us food afterward so really good.) She came to church this week and brought her daughter. So that’s moving along.
The other person that is big on the list is well actually a family. It’s Dauri Alexia and all of them. They are passing some really tough stuff but its going. I feel so good to be able to help her do what she needs to do and get things figured out.
This week also was my companion’s birthday (if anyone is curious the word for birthday is cumpleaños. Its fun to get things all planned out. This Sunday he turned 21 and we ate twice. There was a food called cochinita that we ate that is the pork kind of thing. Its pressure cooked and everything. It’s really good but it’s really heavy. You get full on very little.
Well, that’s about it for the week. If anyone wants to hear anything special I need to know or any picture in special well I need to know.
Lately I’ve seen a lot of people that have to pass through a lot of sadness and things like that because of their decisions. It’s so fun to see how everything works. In the minute, everything seems so good, but they forget why what they were doing. Then later the “wickedness never was happiness” really comes into play. I’ve seen a lot how my decisions with what to do and how I spend my time have really affected me and periods with their own time and their own decisions are affected too. This plan that our Heavenly Father has made for us is so perfect. Agency is so important. I love making decisions. And the same time penalties are so important because if there was no affect afterwards, then there would be no reason to act before. If there was no penalty there would be no reason to obey or disobey a law. If there was no gravity there would be no reason to jump, or run or skip or sit, because everything would be chaotic. I love how it all works out. One just has to play by the rules. And it’s so simple. If one obeys one is happy, if one disobeys they will be unhappy eventually. And it doesn’t matter how tantalizing the temptation is, It won’t make you happy.
Con mucho amor
Elder Mackay


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