Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

Well it’s been a good week but a little bit difficult, but we keep going on. I have some super good pictures that I wanted to send, but this computer doesn’t want to let me... frustrating.
Any way the biggest thing that happened this week was Johanna got baptized! It was so good. There were so many people there, both members and non members. The Young Women sung a special number for her and everything. She picked me to baptize her, so that was cool, (side note I also found out and wanted to send pictures about her albino hedgehog! I had never seen a hedgehog before let alone an albino one.
Another crazy thing this week was working with Luiz. We have been trying with him for a long time and we were making progress. He doesn’t smoke any more as far as we know. We say that because on Thursday he found out that he was going to be heading for Puebla (another city in Mexico) to go pick up his girlfriend and bring her here. That put us in a little bit of shock. We explained everything again about the word of wisdom and said that he needed to get married. He said, that it sounded like a good idea. It’s going to be a crazy week, but things are looking good for him. Also up for the white clothes line is a kid named Eduardo. He is 9 and his mom is a member but his dad isn’t. We are teaching him and he’s already gone to church a ton, but he never got baptized. His mom had pregnancy complications for the last six months so that screwed things up a little bit. Anyhow things are going good with him.
A new face on the block is a kid named Geovani. He is pretty cool he is the nephew of Alexis (one of the guys that got baptized about two weeks ago). Geovani sent Alexis a message how he wanted to change his life and a bunch of things like that. Alexis invited him to listen to us and bam, new guy in the investigator pool. We are excited for him.
In other things, we are headed to go bowling. They just barely opened it up in a mall here this week. Last week using a bit of my birthday money I bought some nice cleats. Original price $100, Elder Mackay price less than $30 J the Barbra Mackay Bargain shopping award! Any how it’s going good here. Got a lot of people asking when I go home. I remember before when I use to be able to say six months, but they always are super surprised when I say two weeks left. It’s crazy
Well I got to go. I got to  have a doctrine talk at lunch yesterday. It was super cool. We talked about the temple, and the fall and all kinds of topics. We were thinking: “Is it any wonder that there is a Creator? How can we believe that all this just happened out of no where? That everything by luck and chance just happened to be the way things are? Everything that is here shows that there is a Divine Being steering this ship. A lot of the nights here are clear, and its fun to look up at the stars and wonder...
Con amor,
Elder Mackay

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