Friday, November 5, 2010

October 29,2010

Hola todos persons quien esta leyendo esta carta,
So here is the skinny on the Visa issue. I do have my permisa. That’s good because they won't send you out on a re assignment if you got that. The bad news is that we don't have our real visas. We didn't know this till this week and we'll probably be here two or three more weeks. Kind of stinks cuz I want to go teach real investigators ahorita, but I should be happy with this opportunity that I have. Other things have been good. We're the oldest district now, (that seems really weird to say). This week we've taught a lot of lessons to other companionships in our zone and I barely feel adequate. It’s been two maybe two and a half weeks here. The concept of time is sketchy in the MTC. I think that there's only like three days. There’s a class day, a pday and Sunday. That’s really what it feels like. Like I’ve learned so much here and changed a lot. My testimony has grown so much and I can teach in Spanish now. If someone told me my Spanish was going to be at this point right now, I would have said your crazy! One of the things that is nice about having extra time here is to make more Spanish mistakes around people who won't look at you funny, rather than in the field. Its way cool to start teaching with only scriptures and understand what my fellow brothers here need to hear.
Oh yeah, for devotional we had Richard G. Scott come. He compiled, "a life time of experiences [in following the spirit] onto a front and back piece of paper." After wards he gave us his notes on the talk. Some pretty crazy stuff. Nothing extremely new or different than what I would have said, he's just got a lot bigger vocabulary about it. It’s so crazy that its pday already. It seems like just yesterday I was writing and doing laundry. I can't think of what else to say right now. I have some time left so if I think of something else I’ll try to squeeze it in today
yo sé que JesúCristo es nuestro Salvador. He sentido su amor para me y para nosotros. Estoy muy agredecidio por la oportuidad servir una misión en Su Nombre. Sé a traves la manera de arrepentimiento podemos encontrar pas, gozo felicidad y todo de los bendiciónes del Señor. Quisas si es la voluntad del Señor, seré un mejor misionario que sé. Digo estes cosas en el nombre de JesúCristo, Amén. (Google translate works wonderful)

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