Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 16, 2012

So it was another good week. I don’t know what to write about anymore, it all just seems normal to me now. My companion and I were talking about this and in the beginning of the mission I was supper excited to write on pdays because there were so many new things to write about. Now I feel like there aren’t so many things new.
This week we had a cool experience with a family. I think I talked about them last week that the mom is super sick (her name is Rosa). She has kidney failure and has to be hooked up to a home set up of dialysis every night. We went there and she has a lot of kids so we were trying to work there. She invited us to food this week. We ate moley. I don’t know if you know what that is, but it was interesting. They try to take care of us. We took them through a baptism and they were interested. As a closing hymn we sang families can be together forever. It was funny because there’s a little granddaughter that started swaying to the music.
This week we also found a new investigator on Sunday. She is Alexis’s girlfriend (Alexis is the guy that got baptized a few weeks ago). She came to the church for a tour on Thursday. Then on Sunday she went to church and stayed for the three hours. Afterwards we went to teach her and after explaining baptism for five minutes she accepted a date. She has seen so many changes in Alexis that she wants them too. It’s cool to be there again.
We got another referral this week about a member’s boyfriend. We talked a lot about repentance and it was so hard core that he sat up and went out side for a little bit because he was feeling so bad. We just couldn’t find him afterwards.
Right now I’m in a little pueblo called Tixcokob. The big trade here is hammocks. A really nice, nice, nice one would probably be about a hundred dollars US but you could probably find one for about forty and be fine. They can do them custom made and things like that so it’s pretty sweet. We also found  senote. A senote is just a cave that is connected to an underground river. And we are just kicking it with the elders here. One of them goes home in a week so he’s a future look of me... that’s crazy.
 It’s rained some more. I am really just lost on what to write about I’m just rambling on.
This week I saw a conference by President Eyering. It was pretty cool. It talked about two principles that I can really remember. The first one is that while we are going through trials and while we are working and getting things done, all this is capacitating and training us for future things. That is so when we get into another trial we are grateful for passing other ones because we have learned from past experiences. So basically it isn’t just to learn about something and that’s nice to know. It’s so that we learn something because we will need it in the future. Then later I remember him talking about how we should develop the habit of going further than what we have before, and going further than what we know to be possible. I thought a lot about goal setting and how much more productive things would be if I had this mode. I got a little bit of time to achieve it.
Con amor,
Elder Mackay

Here are a few pictures that President Salinas posted on Facebook.
                          Glenn is in the back row, 8th from the left. June 9 2012 Zone Leaders Conference
 Glenn is in the back row, on the right side of the middle.  You can see only the top of his head!  July 2012 Area Leaders Conference.

Glenn is second from the left on the back row.  July 14, 2012 Missionary activity with the Stake Aaronic Priesthood in the Brisas area.

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