Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Well it’s been a crazy long week and every day has had something not go to plan.
On Tuesday we had consejo. (zone council) It was cool, and a bit different. It might be apostasy but when president a red tie, that means he’s angry and when it’s a green tie, that means he’s ok. He wore a green tie, but that’s probably because there were a lot of new zone leaders. About 30% of the zone leaders were new so I think he gave us a break. Then we had to get boxes and stuff back home. A bit of work after that. On Wednesday we had to give the info that we received in consejo to the district leaders. It was cool. Its fun doing that. After lunch we had a normal working day. On Thursday, we had a meeting with President Salinas and the Stake president. We had to prepare some numbers so it was a little nerve racking when he went strait for the file that we did. It was cool though. Five hours of that day were spent on that project. On Friday we had interviews! I didn’t have anything big though, just renewed my temple recommend. We were super behind though afterwards. So our schedule was super screwed up. On Saturday, we had to do a baptismal interview and get things all written out for that. But at the same time we have found a few cool people.
We were looking for members and we saw a lady sweeping her porch, we went over to ask (the people that we were looking for should have lived right in front of her so we figured that she should know). We got talking to her and we found out that she is a member (inactive for about 10 years). We kept going and we found out her husband isn’t a member so we started talking with him and he has some super good questions. He had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation and it all went together perfectly.
Another cool situation was about the same thing when we were looking for some other members. The address ended up being wrong, but we found a family that has been prepared by a lot of trials. And they use to listen to members and went to church a few times. They could be a sweet family.
We are working on a big missionary project for the stake focused in on the youth. We are going to be capacitating and we are going to take them with us. Its going to be fun (that’ll be on Saturday). While I was studying for them I read over the story of Alma and his brethren. I understood one of the reasons why they were so good. They were so good because Christ had every right to abandon them in darkness because of their actions. Yet Christ was merciful and called them back. They loved Christ for that. They were willing to do whatever he wanted them to do, even if it was going with blood thirsty, robbing, murdering, people who killed for sport. They knew that they were in debt and they were willing to do whatever. Don’t we all have a little bit of debt? Don’t we all have at least one or two reasons to do things the Lords way?
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay

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