Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Well another week down. Not many more times I get to say that. Any way, it was an ok week. Nothing too exciting like last week, but it was ok.
This week we keep going with Wendy (after I met her I haven’t had a hard time forgetting her name thanks to a dear aunt of mineJ). We had a few cool lessons with her this week. We taught the word of wisdom and there aren’t any problems there. We did some other small stuff but the big finale was that we went to the temple with her mom and younger brother and sister. She liked it a lot. She’s programmed for not this Saturday but next one. Her mom is going to start reading the Book of Mormon too. Things looking good for her.
The next cool person we are teaching is a 15 year old girl named Joanna. I think I have talked about them before, any way she is pretty cool we had a lesson with about six other young women her age about the restoration. Two of them were converts too so that was nice.
A long time ago we found a guy named Luis. He was pretty cool and a miracle reference. We went out there and he was interested but never went to church. Now since we haven’t seen him as much he has gone to church twice and read a little bit in the book of Mormon.
Then also there was a lady who the other missionaries were teaching that is in our ward now. It feels a bit like pirating, but its all for the same team. She’s for a couple weeks more though. They are the only ones that are really worth mentioning.
Really there wasn’t much this week. I got the money for the souvenirs, I’m already planning on things to get but is there anything that anyone wants in specific? I’ll think about it some more but any who that’s about it for the week.

This week I learned something new. In a “letter from Raymond C. Shear” I remember how he talked about learning to turn obstacles to opportunities. I was thinking a lot about that this week along with a few talks. First is that we are placed in trials to come out of them better. We would never reach our maximum potential if we never had trials. Second, we are given trials to better our faith and love of the Savior. And lastly, I understood why they are opportunities. In these trials, we often ask that we be taken out of the situation. This I learned is a little backwards. We are in that situation for a reason. What we should ask is that we be strengthened to be able to overcome their trial. This way, we are made better, we learn and grow and we are prepared for what comes next in life. So, for “those missionaries that are in the end of their mission” and just hanging on till the end, but not really working aren’t using that trial as an opportunity, but as an obstacle; something that impedes them to get what they want, instead of wanting what the Lord wants. It made me understand how to finish these last few weeks. 
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay

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