Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

          Hey it’s my birthday! I got a double dose of feeling old today. First, I am 21 now and second, this is my last change so that means that I am “older” than almost everyone else in the mission. Any way it’s been a way, way, way, way good week! So I don’t know how to write all this week. I think someone heard me about not having anything to write in my weekly letters so it’s cool.
First to start out today were changes! And I am staying, but Elder Traconis isn’t. He went to Campeche. It was interesting to see him go, something that neither one of us really expected. We both thought he was going to stay here and he was going to send me home but oh well. I’ll still see him in zone leader meetings. Anyway my new companion is named Elder Gutierrez, from Mexico City Mexico. He’s a cool kid, I had already known him before. He’s got 17 months in the mission so he’s still got a bit left to go. I feel like I know what I’m doing now more or less. I know the area better now and I can get us around. We got some sweet people to teach…
Last week I talked about a girl that we talked to on Sunday that accepted baptism super fast. Same story, she is reading a bunch out of the book of Mormon (chapter 10 last I heard). We have explained a lot and she understood it well. Saturday we had a super long talk about the Plan of Salvation (funny comment I just started writing Spanglish right there). It was a lot more indepth than normal. We explained about vicarious work, the fall of Adam, judgment and a bunch of other stuff and she said that it just made her happy knowing it all. She was super interested in temples so that’s pretty sweet. She went and talked to her boss about getting out of work on Sunday (after praying). Her boss said that he had already made plans for this week but after this week she could have all the Sundays she wanted. She is headed to baptism!
                Another lady that we found that was super cool is named Ligia. First thing that I think about her is that she is going to open up a pizza Restaurant. That’d be a nice place to do some taste testing as a service project. She’s going to be open before the end of August so that’s cool. We talked about the Book of Mormon and she is reading it. We talked a few times during the week and on Friday we went with her to take a tour of the church. It was super powerful. You could totally feel it there. The only thing that didn’t work out with her was that she couldn’t go to church this week because her son got sick and there wasn’t anyone there to take care of him (he’s three).  So we got to get her running.
Another one that was cool was a reference. Her name is Rosy. She is super cool too. We had a first lesson super strong with her. It was about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to be clean again. She just took it all in. After she said the closing prayer and she said that she felt something warm come over her. It was just a super strong, super direct and strait lesson that was taught to a totally acceptant recipient. She also brought her five year old son to church. We still got a ways to go with her husband so we got things going, but it’s a good start.
Then to finish up we had a good lesson with a lady we have been trying and trying to get a hold of for a long time. She was a reference that we checked out. She is a member but her daughter isn’t. We went over there and she had been inactive for a long, long time, and has had some rough bumps in her life. We finally got a hold of her on Friday and invited her to go to the walk through with Ligia. She showed up on time and everything. It was such a good experience for her too. On Sunday she brought her daughter and son to church and they loved it. Her daughter got some really good fellowshipping from the young women. They knew exactly what to do, who knows how. Anyway it was great. Another great start
So yeah, that’s the week in a nutshell. As far as a spiritual thought, we had a sweet talk this week about coming back. We talked about making mistakes and stuff like that. We came to the conclusion about a few things. There are three types of errors. There are transgressions, there are sins and there are covenant breaking sins. Transgressions are when we don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right and we are mistaken. Sin is when we know what is wrong and what is right and we choose wrong. Covenant breaking is when we have promised that we know and we promise to choose the right and we choose wrong. However, to all of these, it doesn’t matter how big of a problem it is, one can figure things out with the Lord.
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay

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