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April 30, 2012

                                                                 April 30, 2012
Well it’s been a really, really good week! Man I can’t believe how much has happened.
Ok Tuesday and Wednesday regular working days. Nothing too crazy. Then on Thursday we had a rough day of not getting much done. First was weekly planning, then we had to go to Tulum (a little pueblo an hour away by van) to do a baptismal interview. Then next we had to wait almost an hour for him to show up. Then we went back and I had to hurry and pack, and go to another pueblo (half an hour in the other direction). We got there and on Friday we had a great day. We just worked hard and were two normal missionaries. Then after, on Saturday we did divisions again but this time with another area. It was super sweet. We had so many lessons. We had eight lessons in one day! And one of them was in English! I hadn’t taught in English since the MTC! It was hard, and I didn’t have any scriptures, but it worked out ok. He had the pleasure of reminding us of a few cuss words and dirty jokes. I hadn’t heard those words in a long time.
Well it was about time I got changed wasn’t it! Now I’m in Merida. It’s a lot hotter here, and you sweat a lot. I’m with an Elder that I already knew from when I was in Merida a few months before, his name is Elder Sosa. We are in an area called Chicheniza. It’s in the same zone were I started the mission. Oh yea… remember how all my brothers and dad were zone leaders? Well, I’m following prophecy. I’m a zone leader now too! That was a little bit crazy. I was up till one packing last night. Then I got up at six. Then I was on a bus for five hours. I’m here in the internet and I haven’t done much, but I’m super excited. He’s got a few changes more than me but we’ll see how it goes.
So the coolest thing think this week was teaching on the changes. We had a lot of lessons were we said, “Why do you think we are here? Or what do we want to accomplish?” Also there were a few times when we helped people recognize the spirit. “You feel that? That’s called the Spirit. This is how you can know that what we teach is true. The is the way you can know that is what God wants from you.” Pretty sweet. I’m going to miss teaching.
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay

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