Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

I think that my body is going to get used to just being tired. This will be a good conditioning for college life. Everything is just a big blur though. I really don’t remember anything about this week. As far as investigators go we have a few. A few days ago we found one. He seemed pretty cool but we didn’t know how cool he was. He had left drinking a long time ago. Actually the elders use to go to his house but he didn’t want to change. Now that he has left alcohol, he wants to come closer to Christ. When we asked him why he wanted to come closer he said, “Being close to Christ is important for our salvation… you guys are here to save my soul.” I don’t think I have had an investigator in his five senses that has ever said that (maybe the street drunk here or there). He is really open and really wants to listen, he just didn’t go to church.
Another one that is pretty sweet is a lady named Mari. Her daughter (named Mari as well) has a daughter that had a perforated intestine. She had a bag attached to her that had to be changed out every once in a while. This week she got operated on and everything went well. It was her second operation in six months but everything should be good. Now that the grandma doesn’t have to worry about that anymore, she feels like she can focus more on what she needs to do. She said that if she knew that the Book of Mormon was true, that she would get baptized. That’s nice.
Those are the two biggest things that are going on for right now. This week we had an activity for young men and women getting ready to go on the mission. Our mission president spoke and it was sweet. One of the sweetest things that I remember was that he talked about what he was doing and what his goal was he said, “I’m not here to get you excited to go on the mission, I’m here to tell you to go.” I also got to speak in church this week. The whole seven months that I was in Playa, I never got to speak in church. The bishop never talked to me, but here, it’s my third week and I already got called up.
In my talk I talked about the need to do missionary work. I have really come to understand this though. These things are so important. There is a phrase in Preach My Gospel by Elder Holland that talks about how this is the most important race in their entire lives. They need this so badly. I compared it to being on a boat in a storm. While we maintain ourselves alert and on the boat, we will be ok. However we see millions of people that are in the sea drowning. They need our help desperately. We have the power to throw a lifesaver and bring them to the boat of safety. And if we don’t throw them the life saver, then they will most definitely drown.
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay

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