Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Well… life’s crazy as a zone leader I have discovered. I’ll try to go through a day by day schedule of what’s happened.
Ok Tuesday. We had to go to the mission office to get some stuff and drop off stuff. We worked super hard for a few hours then we had to go out to a little bity town because they are going to open up the area. We walked for probably two hours looking for a house. We didn’t find one but it’s ok. We are working hard so that they can get things done there. We have a house in mind but it would have taken a week or so to get ready. So then we came back super tired. For now they are going to stay in the “church” until Sunday, then after that they are suppose to move in to a different house.
Wednesday: it was a normal good hard working day. We taught six lessons and got some people getting ready for baptism. We are teaching a part member family. They are so into the gospel. Just a good day.
Thursday was fun. I had my interview a week ago but it was my comps turn for his interview so we had to go back to the mission office. Then next we had weekly planning and a little bit of planning for the consejo (I think that’s council in English). Consejo is where we go over a bunch of stuff for the zone. Then later on in the day we had a lesson with a new guy. He’s a little bit older but knows Maya and he taught us how to say “don’t sin anymore” in Maya.
 Then Friday early morning we had to go to Centro for consejo. It was super, super, super, super but super sweet. Normally we have to present a bunch of numbers and things like that but we just sat in awe of the stuff that president was teaching us. In consejo, there are the zone leaders (20 missionaries) and the APs and president. It was cool.
Saturday was divisions with a district leader. I feel so weird being in a new position. I remember when I was district leader and now I have to be the boss of the district leader. But it went well. In the food appointment that we had, the sister was going through some trials. Her sister had died recently and she hadn’t talked about it to anyone so we were the ones there to listen to everything. She broke down crying but it was nice to be sent. I thought about Mosiah 18:8 that says, "morn with those that morn…"  it is always fun being a missionary.
Sunday was stake conference. We got to see our mission president again. He talked super sweet. We worked a bit. Oh yeah, in the night my comp got super sick and I got to help him. But any who… afterwards, we worked and then we had to pass numbers to the assistants. Life is always full.
This week in the meeting that we had with president, he talked a ton about repentance. It was super sweet. Something that he talked about was that pain and repentance go hand in hand. I thought about how it all worked. It made me think a lot. Literally it’s so important that we repent. Every time we do something wrong and we know that we do something wrong, we feel it deep down inside. That is the feeling in our soul, that justice will have claim over us and we will not be claimed by mercy. Then in contrast when we do repent, the peace that we feel is the peace that we are accepted. And the pains of justice can only start to go away when we repent. The other thing that I love about repentance is that there isn’t a limit of repentance, as long as its sincere repentance.
Con Amor,
Elder Mackay

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